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Payday Loans / Iowa

Payday Loans in Iowa

We recognize that everyone can have incidental spendings expenditures: car breakdown, urgent home repairs, purcase necessary items, emergency medical bill, paying utility bills, etc. It almost always occurs at the inopportune time. It will be the best decision to leave a loan application on our website.

What does Payday Loans Iowa offer?

Referral service will help you get the most favorable offer on the Payday Loans market in Iowa.

To do this, you just need to fill in a form with all the required data for your loan approval. After completing the application, staff proceed and select for you beneficial offer with the lowest rate, interest of refunds among over 100 organizations.

It will be much faster and more profitable than you yourself will send applications to all companies. We do not write off you any money for our services. Also, you may not grapple with all the companies that function in Iowa and thus you may miss the most advantageous offer.

Payday Loans Iowa will help you get an approval of a loan in the amount of $100 - $1000 and up to $5,000, even if you have an adverse credit score.

Common facts about loans in Iowa

Payday loans are very popular in the Iowa and it is not difficult to get approval. The population is 3 139 931 people.

The largest cities: Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Davenport, Sioux City, Iowa City, Dubuque, Council Bluffs, Ames, Waterloo, Ankeny with more than 50 000 citizens.

The complete list of cities in Iowa is on display here.


Why to fill in an application on Payday Loans Iowa?

  • We do not uncover your private information, the website is defended by https encryption;
  • We deal with all possible certified organizations that provide payday loans in Iowa;
  • The quickest approval of the application;
  • Bad credit rating is ok;
  • The application is processed within 2 minutes and you receive an offer. You can accept or refuse it;
  • Online application - do not waste time to walk in stores;
  • You do not pay Payday Loans Iowa any extra charges, our services are free for every borrower.

Annual Percentage Rate (ARP)

The interest rate is dependent on many factors:

  • in which state do you issue a loan;
  • what is your credit history;
  • is dependent on the credit amount;
  • loan duration;
  • first-time or regular customers.

The average interest rate for payday loans is 200% - 1386%, for installment loans 6.63% - 225%. We can define what terms will be offered for you only after filling in the application. Within 2-10 minutes you will be ensured with a loan offer, you can either accept it or decline it.

ARP in Iowa is 337% * , maximum loan amount is $500. The minimum term for which the loan is approved is Not Specified, the maximum - 31 days. Installment lending allowed - NO.

APR Calculator

The following APR calculator helps reveal the actual costs of financial products.

What is the difference between installment and payday loans?

We will specify to you what is the difference between these types of loans.

Payday loan is a type of loan is lended for a short term and your debt is repaid the next day your paycheck is accounted.

Installment loan is type of credit with a longer payment period in level installments of up to max loan term, but it is taken out mainly to regular customers who often use these lending services.

Lenders in Iowa

1721 lenders are eligible to serve in Iowa. Decide on one of them and apply for a payday loan in Iowa.

Have lenders created a website?

Community 1st Credit Union has created a site to go with the time and provide a round-the-clock access to options of Payday Loans Iowa.

United Bank of Iowa has also a website that offers an access to financial options 24-hours round.

Security Loan Copany has not created the website. It supposes you better to grapple with working hours: Monday through Friday from 9AM–5PM and Saturday Closed - Sunday Closed of Security Loan Copany.

The lenders' Rank in the State

Experience on the Lending Market

What borrowers say about Payday Loans Iowa:

  • Always friendly & easy to work with.
  • Super helpful and accommodating.
  • I was told the payday loan would be a soft inquiry on my credit report. Needless to say, 3 HARD Inquiries later, my credit report was affected. My interest rates wsre …
  • Have had a few situations that required their services.
  • The staff was very efficient & courteous.
  • Great selection and outstanding service every time I stop in!
  • Manager blamed the low offer on their computers pricing system.
  • Good business there no problem at all I love bring stuff there and they fair
  • Have had a few situations that required their services.
  • Needless to say, 3 HARD Inquiries later, my credit report was affected.
  • The staff was very efficient & courteous.
  • The people are friendly, they are willing to give money on almost anything.
  • Ok prices on what works, but alot is broken, dirty and disorganized.
  • Would highly recommend this place for anyone in a cash strapped situation.
  • Great company, very helpful and customer-focused employees.
  • If your looking for a Bank dont pick this one , Keep Shopping.
  • Online banking and the mobile banking app made that possible and very easy.
  • The only thing really good about this place is the customer service.
  • Prices are good and the staff is entertaining and helpful.
  • Great deals and always treat you like family everytime you walk in the door!!

Need Help ?

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Customers' Reviews

  • I miss a payment or two equal to $100. Payday Loans Iowa tried to get compensated. Good thing I didn't have that much in my bank acct. But I got charged fees for missed payment.

    Sonya Stamm
  • I miss a payment or two equal to $76. Payday Loans Iowa tried to get compensated. Good thing I didn't have that much in my bank acct. But I got charged fees for missed payment.

    Harvey VonRueden