Smart Borrowing: Borrow Only What You Can Afford

An online loan can only improve your standard of living if you can afford it but you must borrow only what you can afford!

A loan is an additional responsibility and obligations, therefore, before receiving a loan, evaluate whether you can afford this loan or not.

An online loan is acceptable if:

you need money right now;
you want to buy some product or get a service;
there is a very favorable purchase or offer that is valid only at the moment;
you have regular income to repay a loan;
your credit history meets the requirements of the lender;
all your liabilities in the total amount do not exceed 30-40% of your income.

Do not take an online online if:

you want to pay off other debt obligations, payments on other loans;
you want to make some deliberate purchases;
all your liabilities in the total amount exceed 30-40% of your income.

If you decide to get a loan online:

compare the conditions offered by different lenders;
borrow only as much as you really need and as much as you can afford;
read the terms of the contract;
make sure that you understand the terms of the contract;
choose an acceptable type of payment.

If you can not repay the loan within the specified period:

do not delay the solution to the problem;
do not borrow from other creditors to pay current debt;
contact the lender to find the best solution to the problem.